10 dec 1948


A catalogue for the Mirca Tour for Human Rights starting on 3 nov 2009 in Skogås, Sweden.


70 artists from the Mirca Art Group presents
Mirca Tour For Human Rights (MTHR).
MTHR is a traveling art exhibition created by an International coalition of
artists in support of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights.
We are artists without borders who see Human rights as a Universal Right for all Human Beings.
MTHR is a completely volunteer project and all artworks have been
generously donated to this international project meant to bring attention to the simple yet monumental concept of basic Human rights for all. This is a not for profit art exhibition/project. This is a gift from the individual artists of Mirca Art Group to communities around the world. If your community is interested in becoming a hosting destination for this touring exhibition and sponsoring a segment of this peaceful project on human rights, please contact us at

Title: 10 december 1948

Turn a page: enter our world - We have one earth!
On 1st March, internationally acclaimed Mirca Art Group releases its second major art book, Planet Earth
Planet Art, in support of the environmental and social grassroots network Friends Of The Earth
Ninety-five artists present their artwork as a voice raised to bring awareness of the urgent problems of the
imbalanced lifestyles and unsustainable environmental consumption we humans face, accompanied by a
personal statement which brings the clarity of the artist to these problems.
These artists come from such nations as the UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, China, Brazil, Greece, Libya,
India, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden (and many others), and thus this book is truly a global
voice, with contributions from East and West, from the developed and developing worlds.
Delightfully presented in an elegantly designed coffee-table book format, this collection of contemporary
artforms ranges from the abstract to the photographic, the visionary to the spectacular, and is prefaced by
a wonderful poem (quoted above) entitled Make Art, Not War from Nnimmo Bassey, the Chair of Friends
Of The Earth International.
With a wonderful cover from Indian graphic artist Narasimha Gollapudi Murthy and edited as a
collaboration between Mirca Art Group and British visionary artist Bruce Rimell, this book is a must-have
for any art lovers wishing to experience the insights of artists addressing the greatest issue that mankind
faces today: the protection and sustainability of our Planet Earth and the biodiversity that dwells upon it.
Planet Earth Planet Art is available in three formats, all in 10x8in (25x20cm) landscape: Softcover,
Hardcover with Dust Jacket and Hardcover with Image Wraparound, from quality book publisher
Purchase the book from:
For further information, please contact: Bruce Rimell via
For information on the many other Mirca Art Group projects:

The Mirca Art Group presents to you a very special publishing event: 'FREEDOM & ART'. A book featuring 74 artists from 27 countries with each colourful page depicting the creative expression of great artists accompanied by personal statements in regard to Freedom and Art. Proceeds of this very special book will go to Amnesty International. Some of the countries represented by the contributing artists include Russia, India, Romania, Sweden, Poland, Australia, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Hungary, Belgium, UK, USA, Malaysia, Norway and Germany.

An ART HAPPENING - “SET A BOOK FREE” - took place in conjunction with the book release on 2nd October 2008 - the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, that great ambassador for Peace - each contributing artist will leave out in a public space one book free for the public to find and read.
Title: Freedom & Art
ISBN Number: 978-91-977701-0-1